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Program Educational Objectives


Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department Graduates

E.A.1. Health care for the healthy / hospital, family and service; national and international standards of care, health-related standards for health, health-related standards for health, dental health-related standards, dental health-related standards, first and second in general health care, and universities’ health related standards.

– Suitable for mechanics, considering it as a user-friendly social whole, suitable for nursing practices at all protective, physical and rehabilitative steps

They provide training on ethics in all health care care for nurses.

E.A.2. Graduates will be closely interested in the students to be trained and technology-based applications and will assume the role of educator and leader for 5 years.

– 60% of our graduates start as nurses within the first year, with at least 80% of applicants working as clinical nurses.

– Easy adaptation to right technologies, differences in the institution and the contributions of the contributions.

– It will improve the feminine care in the fields of study and their use will increase your knowledge.

E.A.3. They continue their academic, career and personal development with the awareness of lifelong learning.


– 10% of our graduates attend postgraduate non-nursing postgraduate programs or at other institutions in the countries following their graduation.

– 2% of our graduates take part in the academic staff of universities.

– Participate in courses and certificate programs related to their fields of study